It's been quiet from Marius Samuelsen after he went all the way to the top and won Norwegian Idol in 2016. The wait for new music has been long for those who have waited for the distinctive voice they fell in love with to come back. Now the wait is finally over and Marius just released two new singles called «Gravity» and «Out Of Order» in January.

The musician and singer-songwriter Marius Samuelsen had already decided to focus on music before Idol came into play. At the age of 18 he had no plans to audition, but when he got a call from the production company behind the international success, he accepted the invitation to audition. Confident as he is he took the chance to perform the self-composed song "Paper Guns” for the judges. Happy, but - as he told the local newspaper - not surprised that he proceeded.

But from there even the Stavanger boy admitted that the whole thing has become like a fairytale. Unreal. Fantastic. For several months he lived in the «Idol-bubble».

Family, school, friends and everyday life was put on hold while he and the other young talents worked to develop as singers and performers. The weeks went on with hard work towards liveshows every Friday where he risked everything to keep his place in the competition.

Despite the fact that he has become more confident and outgoing as an artist, Marius is still humble and grateful for what a phenomenal springboard Idol was, and the unique opportunities his participation has given him. To grow as an artist and person, develop his musical character, and - not least - to be more sure of his music post-idol. Unlike the narrator of the song "One Of These Days" as Marius has no plans to postpone what is important to him. Because Marius is what the judges told him from the first audition, and he is what the audience felt from the moment they saw him - the real deal - a complete artist and songwriter who is planning to start a career on his own terms, regardless of whether TV cameras are there or not.

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